The Nourafchan Foundation (TNF) is a participatory philanthropy whose mission is to improve the human condition through social and economic development. We are committed to promoting health, happiness, education, kindness, and virtue. We believe that every human has the right to be healthy and happy, irrespective of color, race, religion or gender. We are a non-governmental, non-religious, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization

The Nourafchan Foundation believes in prioritizing philanthropy and deploying time and resources to where it is needed most, no matter how dire or difficult the circumstances. It is for that reason that the headquarters of The Nourafchan Foundation have been established and operating out of Africa’s largest slum, Kibera.

We seek to focus our efforts on activities that have the greatest impact, and where possible, sustainable. Our initial priorities include education, healthcare, orphans and those living in extreme poverty and slums. Regardless of the initiative, The Nourafchan Foundation will ensure the highest degree of efficiency and effectiveness that will provide significant value and impact to those donating time and resources.

The Nourafchan Foundation is modeled to revolutionize and aggressively scale the manner in which philanthropy is conducted by establishing itself as the world’s first open-source, participatory philanthropy. Under such a model, The Nourafchan Foundation will serve as the people’s philanthropy driven by and for the people. Our true scale and scope will rely on participants and supporters to conceive, propose, structure, launch, lead and improve philanthropic initiatives, with the support and involvement of The Nourafchan Foundation where necessary. Upon the successful launch and implementation of such initiatives, The Nourafchan Foundation will serve as an open-source platform where best of breed practices and initiatives can be replicated and launched elsewhere by other TNF Ambassadors, using the lessons and assistance of TNF, and where TNF Ambassadors can also improve upon what has already been done through the TNF platform. The Foundation will ultimately take the form of a philanthropic incubator and accelerator to improve the human condition. The result will be the creation of an ecosystem and global family of philanthropists.

The Nourafchan Foundation was formally registered in 2010 to honor the memory and legacy of Shahin Allen Nourafchan who passed away from cancer in 2005 at the young age of 30.