Located in Limuru, Kenya, the Angel Center for Abandoned Children is dedicated towards rescuing babies that are abandoned at hospitals, thrown by the roadside, dumped in trash bins or left at churches. At any one time, approximately 20 infants, some with HIV, are being cared for and raised. The center serves as a halfway house by taking in infants, and raising them to an age of 12 to 24 months, after which a caring and supporting family is identified to adopt and raise the child. If no family is identified, the children remain at the Angel Center for as long as needed.

TNF first visited the orphanage in October 2010 when it was located in a one-room shack. Appalled at the conditions, yet warmed and inspired by the mission, TNF decided to intervene in order to save the operations of the Center and allow it to thrive and expand its operations. The Nourafchan Foundation moved the Center into a larger, permanent 5-bedroom house, the costs of which were paid for by TNF. Additionally, TNF has provided funding for other operational and one-off costs, staff fees, clothes, healthcare, food and other general provisions.

TNF is constantly upgrading the housing and working with the Center to secure regular supplies of clothes, food, milk powder, nappies, immunizations and other requirements. It is the Nourafchan Foundation’s goal to create a more sustainable operation for the Center with home grown foods through farming, larger housing to accommodate more orphans where the Center owns the real estate and is not renting, and to increase the number of caretakers, which at present stand at only 3 who have the daunting task of taking care of over 20 newborns and infants. With the success of the Angel Center’s flagship operations, it is our goal to start additional branches and grow this model of orphan care.