The largest slum in Africa is Kibera. Located just a few miles from the central business district of Kenya’s capital Nairobi, Kibera houses anywhere from half a million to one million people, which is more than 25% of Nairobi’s population, crammed into an area the size of Central Park, making it one of the most densely populated places in the world.

People live in makeshift shacks with no utilities or access to clean water, let alone a quality education. The average size of a shack is 12ft x 12ft built with mud walls, a corrugated tin roof, and a dirt floor. These shacks often house up to 8 or more, with many sleeping on the floor.

Other facts plaguing Kibera include: life expectancy of 30 years; half of all Kiberians are under the age of 15; one out of five children in Kibera do not live to see their fifth birthday; extreme poverty with residents earning less than $1.00 per day; few schools, with most unable to afford an education for their children; high unemployment rates; scarcity of clean water, and related diseases caused by poor hygiene; HIV/AIDS rates are amongst the highest in Kenya; and little or no access to healthcare or infrastructure.

We believe that education is key to breaking and reversing the cycle of poverty.  Moreover, TNF has focused its efforts within Africa’s largest slum on education by supporting and sponsoring the slum’s best performing school, the REC School. The REC School was established to provide the community with hope and promise, as an oasis of learning and refuge for children growing up in the midst of such devastating poverty and hardship. Of the 1,000 students who attend the REC School, all are impoverished and the large majority are orphans. The school provides free school meals, uniforms, books and healthcare.

Due to TNF’s effort and support, a total of $373,517 was raised between 2012-2013 to help build a landmark facility with classrooms and laboratories. Additionally, TNF has provided books to over 1,000 children for two years, as well as laboratory equipment. Given that the REC School has been one of the best performing schools in the county, despite being located within the slums of Kibera, TNF is keen to expand our efforts to grow this model of educational success.