In 2012, The Nourafchan Foundation signed a ‘Strategic Partnership Agreement’ with the Equity Group Foundation to explore means of cooperation with the intention of developing joint programs to focus on the following six social thematic areas: 1) education and leadership, 2) financial literacy and access, 3) agribusiness, 4) environment and sustainability, 5) health, and 6) innovation and entrepreneurship. The Equity Group Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Equity Bank, East Africa’s largest bank and microfinance lender.

The “Wings to Fly” Scholarship provides the brightest yet most socially marginalized and economically disadvantaged children in Kenya with access to education through academic scholarships, as well as leadership training and mentorship. Other sponsoring partners include USAID, UKaid, KfW, and The MasterCard Foundation. Collectively the parties have raised around $100m to fully fund and provide for approximately 10,000 children through four years of secondary education. By facilitating the kids’ transition from primary to secondary education, getting these children into the right schools, supporting their academic growth and development, mentoring them, empowering them through exposure to the right leadership qualities and values, they are enabled to move from the poverty that currently defines their lives and leap into a bright, more prosperous future for themselves, their families, communities and ultimately the country.